About Pizazz

Pizazz Gift Shop was founded by artists of the Worthington Craft Guild, which ran craft shows in the Worthington mall for years. Based on the success of the shows, the mall asked the guild to set up a pop-up shop there in October 2010. This shop was located on the east side of the mall, across from First Watch in the space currently occupied by Orvis Outfitters. After a successful holiday season, we were hooked, and opened full-time in March 2011. We've relocated within the mall twice since we opened, moving into our current location in 2018. The mall itself has passed through several owners and iterations; from the retailers at the mall in 2010, we are one of only a few still operating in what's now known as The Shops at Worthington Place.

As cooperative of artisans, we not only promote our own creativity within the shop, but promote and support the shop as a whole. Each of us is dedicated to operating and maintaining the store in which we each have an interest, from providing inventory, to working several shifts a month in the store, to working behind the scenes.

About The Worthington Craft Guild

TThe Worthington Craft Guild was established in 1973 as an association of craftspeople dedicated to promoting their art, often demonstrating for others, and to gather for the purpose of marketing their quality handcrafted items. Initially consisting of 50 artisans, the members met monthly to discuss the furtherance of the Guild and its membership, but also to maintain a social network and friendship amongst the members and to further promote art in the community.

At its establishment, the Worthington Craft Guild selected St. Michael's food pantry for their annual donations; a connection which remains today. We continue to collect non-perishable food donations at all of our events, such as our Spring and Fall Open Houses, as well as our annual Christmas show. We still collect smaller amounts throughout the year, so if you'd like to make a donation, we'd gladly accept your donation and forward it to the pantry at any time.

The Guild members established and participated in three annual craft shows held inside the Worthington Mall. Craftspeople from the surrounding communities were encouraged to participate in these shows, as the Guild continued to promote art in the community. The annual Christmas craft show, affectionately known to our oldest members as "The Calico", is still held annually -- though not by that name. The Guild itself is now the business we all know as Pizazz.